Add a new dimension to your garden or home with a commissioned fountain, designed especially for your unique environment. . .
Working directly with the client or landscape designer, or both, I design and create copper water fountains which echo the patterns of nature. Whether installed as a lively focal point in a large pond or to create soothing ambience in a quiet corner of the garden, my fountains are aurally as much as visually adapted to their environment and each piece has its own voice.
Design considerations can include:
• your specific design requests
• my interpretation of your idea
• my own vision for the site
• a combination of the above

Modified Existing Designs... Many of the fountain designs on this site can be adapted to meet specific design challenges. Please contact me to discuss your needs or interest.

Why Copper?... Just as our gardens are always changing, so does copper as it naturally ages. When exposed to the elements, it will eventually begin to take on a blue/green verdigris patina. This intensely beautiful patina, for which copper is so prized, is integral to all of my fountains. In addition to being a perfect complement to the organic style of my work, it provides the copper with a protective coating and ensures minimal maintenance requirements.

Commissioning a Fountain... Typically, this process begins with a consultation to determine the client’s particular design interests and needs. If a site visit isn’t practical, this can be done by phone and email after I have received landscape plans and/or photos of the site. After the consultation I will provide a proposal which includes:
• a drawing or composite image pertinent to size and location
• technical details
• timeline (up to12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and my schedule at the time)
• cost
• shipping or delivery/installation details

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